han_han (han_han) wrote in anime_fusion,

Waking it up

I just wanted to know if anyone knows where I could get the anime Noir? I saw the first couple of episodes and can not find the rest. I also wanna know any suggestions for new anime to watch. I like cute stuff (can't help it I'm a girl at heart) and stuff with fighting but not too bloody. I was thinking of watching Lain but I heard it was pretty boring.
Any ideas?
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well what have you seen allready? any faves? i saw some of lain but i got like waaaay confused and stopped watching it
I had the same problem

me: *starts watching Lain*

5 Minutes later.....

me: O_O??? .....*head explodes*
I saw the whole Noir series through my local video store, my suggestion is check through them and if that doesnt work you can always try amazon or Ebay.

as for other anime try Bleach, its one of my favourites, also try moon phase, Shinobuden, Chrono Crusade or possibly Scrapped princess, I have hundreds of other suggestions so just ask ^_^
yah I am watching bleach as of right now. I get a little annoyed because they drag out the episodes... I almost feel like it is getting like Naruto. Fruits Basket was like my Favorite anime. I don't know why but it is, and I am kind of a cheap skate don't have lots of money to spend on buying anime, wish I thought of that before christmas!!!
yeah Bleach seems alot like Naruto because its made by the same people =P