han_han (han_han) wrote in anime_fusion,

Fruits Basket

Okay I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I am not good at finding out what is next for my anime. So I know that the manga Fruits Basket is longer than the anime. I was just wondering if they are going to come out with another season of Fruits Basket the anime?
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Its quite possible, the Anime is always based off the manga so it would be silly to have one outdo the other, but I'm not really sure, I never really saw Fruits basket but from experience then yer there most likely will be... for an example Love Hina again.

oh if your into romantic type anime try Maboruho. Its this story of a high school guy whos supposted to be the greatest magician in the world but he can only use his power 10 times before he dies and his flatmates (3 high-school girls) all want his genes so they can have the child of the greatest magician in the world. It turns out that while he doesnt want to die and as much as a bother the girls are to him he always using his magic to help or protect them so it changes from a girl just wanting his power to a girl loving him while still keeping a humorus plot line ^_^
No, no more Furuba anime... but the manga is better anyway.