supremeangel (supremeangel) wrote in anime_fusion,

Waking up

Hello there peeps!!!!

Long time no see ^_^

just to let you know that I havnt abandoned the community, but merely just have been way too busy to post/do anything on this site ^^;

I still encourage all of you to post on this site and all ok, I'll try and get another competition up soon

Speaking of which Congratulations to moose who won the background comp ^^

Moose the image you sent me was great but my computer didnt read it properly, so if you would like you can put it up on the community yourself ^^

moving on.... I'm attending an Anime convention in April and I will hopefully be cosplaying as Abarai Renji from Bleach =D

I have the Shinigami cloak, all i need is the sword and a wig X_x

anyway people, please continue to post here ^^

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