Waking up

Hello there peeps!!!!

Long time no see ^_^

just to let you know that I havnt abandoned the community, but merely just have been way too busy to post/do anything on this site ^^;

I still encourage all of you to post on this site and all ok, I'll try and get another competition up soon

Speaking of which Congratulations to moose who won the background comp ^^

Moose the image you sent me was great but my computer didnt read it properly, so if you would like you can put it up on the community yourself ^^

moving on.... I'm attending an Anime convention in April and I will hopefully be cosplaying as Abarai Renji from Bleach =D

I have the Shinigami cloak, all i need is the sword and a wig X_x

anyway people, please continue to post here ^^

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Well, I'm seriously new to this stuff so pplz feel free to visit mi journal and give me some comments or wateva! AND JUST SO PPLZ KNOW...........IM OBSESSED WITH ANIME AND MANGA!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!(and im hyper right now ^__^)
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Fruits Basket

Okay I know I'm asking a lot of questions but I am not good at finding out what is next for my anime. So I know that the manga Fruits Basket is longer than the anime. I was just wondering if they are going to come out with another season of Fruits Basket the anime?
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Waking it up

I just wanted to know if anyone knows where I could get the anime Noir? I saw the first couple of episodes and can not find the rest. I also wanna know any suggestions for new anime to watch. I like cute stuff (can't help it I'm a girl at heart) and stuff with fighting but not too bloody. I was thinking of watching Lain but I heard it was pretty boring.
Any ideas?

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aloha everyone *bows* i've been lurking around this community for a while hee hee and i decided to join ♥ well, a little bit about my self is hm... well i'm a sometimes hyper active fruit cake named hari and i looove anime (such a nerd) i've been watching/ reading it since i was 10 ^.^ well, i'll post more later its nie to meet all of you! YaY …
[Jumps up and down]...
I’m so happy to join! [Grins very widely]if u ever need some help or tips pls feel free to ask me ^.^ [hands up..] i'll try my best...
great community... hope u keep it up...
[huga huga]
drop by mine sometime too...


[Takes out magic wand]
Now You Have Luck!
[Smiles and vanishes]
[Magic Backfires]
[wee.. flies off instead.. ^_^..]
~Ja Ne~
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Giving Up -.-

OK to all of you who it may concern, because of the last two failed attempts for a competition I have decided to give up trying to run events of the such and just bugger off into the distance where I shall never be heard again.

Happy posting